Root Canal Treatment Holborn

Your teeth have a core of blood vessels and nerves at their centre. This tissue is called the pulp and it's in a space called the root canal. The number of root canals a tooth has varies, depending on how far back the tooth is in your mouth. Your front teeth often have just one root canal, whereas your back teeth may have three or more.

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that is required when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected or inflamed. This is caused by bacteria entering the root canal. The bacteria can gain entry into the root canal from decay, cracks or trauma to the tooth and it can lead to symptoms such as sensitivity to hot and cold and tenderness to biting, however sometimes no symptoms occur and yet root canal treatment may still be required. An x-ray is usually taken to determine the need for the root canal treatment or procedure.

Without root canal treatment or procedure, a collection of pus (an abscess) can form at the root tip. This can lead to pain and swelling and may cause damage to the bone around your tooth. This can, in turn, lead to the tooth concerned needing to be extracted. So, this is one case where it is a lot more cost effective to react and take action immediately. The alternative may be a series of costly extractions and fillings which lead to long term tooth loss as well a heavy dentist costs.

The aim of root canal treatment is to save the tooth and avoid extraction by getting rid of the damaged pulp and the bacteria that are causing the infection. It involves removing inflamed or dead nerves and blood vessels from the centre of your tooth. This is done by the dentist or an endodontist, entering the top of your tooth to gain access to the root canal and remove the dead tissue. The empty root canal system is then cleaned, filled and a permanent seal is put over the top of your tooth. Without the root canal treatment the infected teeth would eventually face extraction.

In order to avoid potential tooth extractions and ensure that you maintain your long term dental health you need to ensure that you contact a reliable cost effective dental clinic at the onset. Root Canal Treatments, more often than not, can be carried out by your general dentist at Pendragon Health, Holborn, London. Should your dentist be unable to complete your root canal treatment you will be referred to an Endodontist in London. An Endodontist is a dental surgeon who specialises in root canal treatments. The Endodontist specialist training pathway involves approximately four years of study dedicated to the specialty. The Endodontist will use a surgical microscope during the root canal treatment to magnify the tooth to enhance success rates on complex cases.

The dentist or endodontist will discuss the procedure and cost with you prior to starting root canal treatment to ensure you are informed on the treatment process and its expectations. The cost of the procedure may be dependent on many factors including the number and extent of tooth damage. An effective treatment will also ensure that your costs are kept down as you can avoid repeat treatments and further infection.

The root canal treatment or procedure can take from 1-2 hours with a dentist or endodontist and there may be a need for more than one visit depending on the tooth being treated and the extent of the infection. Root canal treatment or procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and is a comfortable painless procedure. After you undergo the procedure, there is a possibility of post-operative discomfort with any root canal treatment or procedure, but this is usually controlled with the use of over the counter pain relief.

After root canal treatment with your dentist or endodontist, your tooth will need restoring. If your root canal treatment was carried out by an endodontist, he/she will refer you back to your dentist to complete the restoration. The most recommended restoration is a dental crown or inlay / onlay these have proven to be the most durable restoration solutions on a tooth that has had root canal treatment.

If properly done root canal treatments are very durable and do not require any major maintenance. A successful treatment does not wear out and lasts the rest of lifetime without any need for further attention. Problems after root canal treatment occur when the endodontist fails to thoroughly clean out the root canal up to the apex. The procedure is more difficult for the back teeth which have three or four curved roots compared to the two straight ones of the front teeth. Curves or obstructions make cleaning very difficult. Problems also occur if the apex is not completely sealed. Bone tissue would leak into the root canal and cause further infection. Teeth that have been treated are weak because the endodontist probes deep into the root for access. They require crown treatment for strength. Careful monitoring is required with X-rays and clinical assessment at regular intervals of one to three years at your Dental Clinic may be required.

Due to the long term impact of root canal treatment you do need to ensure that you go to a qualified dentist to get your treatment done. If there was a place to cut costs this is not it. If you visit Pendragon Health, clinic in London you will find that we have a team of experienced implantologists who can ensure that your root canal treatment is carried out in a cost effective and efficient manner.

If you need any further information on root canal treatment like costs involved or consultation with a dentist or endodontist, please contact Pendragon Health, Holborn, London.