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Dental Bridges And Crowns Explained

If you have never experienced true service with a smile and professionalism at its best, a visit to Pendragon Health in Holborn, London is a must. The clinic is built on trust, strong ethical conduct and the building of lifelong dentist-patient relationships. Because cosmetic dentistry covers a wide range of dental treatments that involve the use of prosthetic devices, a trusted dentist is vital to your oral wellbeing.

After analysing your problem, the dentist at the Pendragon Health clinic in Holborn, London will recommend fitting dental crowns (or caps) and bridges as required. A visit to the dentist will ascertain what the best treatment option is for your problem. The dentist will also advise you about the cost associated with the dental crown, bridges or caps that need to be fixed.

Dental crowns or caps, and bridges cannot be removed. Dentures on the other hand can be removed and cleaned when required. When the Pendragon Health, London clinic uses dental crowns or caps to cover damaged teeth, the devices are cemented into place firmly by fixing them to existing teeth or to dental implants. Dental crowns, caps, bridges and implants can only be removed by your Holborn dentist if the need arises to do so.

For a better understanding of how a dental bridge or crown works, let's look at each one separately.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns or caps as they are commonly referred to are fitted onto damaged teeth. This helps to cover the teeth and protect them from further damage. When your dentist at the Pendragon Health, Clinic in London recommends a dental crown, it is for the purpose of shaping or aligning the tooth as well as improving the appearance of the damaged tooth.

A dental crown maybe placed over a dental implant to produce a tooth-like similarity for functionality. Dental crowns or caps are primarily made of porcelain or ceramic, but gold and other alloys or acrylic may be used. The dental crown is shaded to closely match the natural colour of the teeth. Metal alloys are suitable for the back teeth because of their strong properties. The common choice for dentists at Pendragon Health, in Holborn, London is generally porcelain bonded to metal shells; it provides strength combined with aesthetics.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is generally a cost effective choice when one or several teeth are missing. London dentists choose to cover gaps in the teeth with dental bridges to prevent the existing teeth from shifting in the empty spaces. The imbalance in the mouth caused by missing teeth can lead to bite problems or gum disease.

Pendragon Health Clinic in Holborn-London is noted for its cost effective bridges and crowns, as well as its excellent services. Interested patients can call to get more information.

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