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Cosmetic Veneers

Different Types of Cosmetic Veneers

The field of cosmetic dentistry is extremely vast, and knowing what to choose can be a daunting task for people. Has your Pendragon Health dentist in Holborn, London recommended cosmetic veneers as the best solution for your dental problem? At Pendragon Health, patient care is very highly rated and the enthusiastic team in attendance will provide clinical excellence in serving you.

Let us take the subject of cosmetic veneers because despite their popularity, not many of us know exactly what the term cosmetic veneers means. While many well-meaning London dentists don't have too much time to make lengthy explanations, at Pendragon Health in London, every question is carefully attended to by qualified, dedicated staff. A veneer is a thin covering that gets fitted over natural teeth to hide stained, damaged, broken and basically tired, looking worn out teeth.

Cosmetic veneers really came into their own when film stars started flashing brilliant, sparkly smiles in front of the camera lens. Cosmetic veneers are made from various materials such as ceramic, composite bonding, porcelain and cerinate (thinner type of expensive porcelain). The thin veneer shell is shaded as close to the natural tooth as possible and is cemented onto the front of the tooth surface to enhance the aesthetics of the tooth. As your Pendragon Health dentist in London will describe cosmetic veneers - a veneer is to teeth what false nails are to fingers. The underpinning principle of cosmetic veneers is to make teeth look appealing and the smile radiant.

Let us now take a closer look at what the proposed cosmetic veneers by your Pendragon Health dentist in Holborn, London can really do for your teeth. Cosmetic veneers are used to treat the following dental problems:

Damaged teeth can happen due to injury or excessive wear and tear on the teeth. This happens due to a problem called Bruxism, which is grinding of the teeth during sleep. Carbonated drinks can also wear down the enamel of the teeth leaving them vulnerable to chipping or breakage.

Stained teeth render the mouth very unsightly and people with badly stained teeth feel ashamed to smile in public. When whitening cannot help remove the stains from the teeth, a Pendragon Health, dentist in Holborn, London will recommend cosmetic veneers to cover the teeth hiding the most unappealing stains.

Crooked teeth as any Pendragon Health, dentist in Holborn, London will tell you, is a relatively common problem and cosmetics veneers are not normally recommended for this type of dental problem. Braces are for the most part the best option as compared with cosmetic veneers; however, the treatment takes a long time. When teeth are not very crooked, or the if your dentist has to deal with just one or two crooked teeth, a veneer may be used to cover the tooth. Covering a slightly crooked tooth with a veneer gives immediate results.

Cosmetic veneers made from porcelain are often the Pendragon Health, London clinic's preferred choice of material. Porcelain exhibits properties of strength and durability, does not stain easily and when well cared for can last an entire lifetime.

Gaps are the spaces that appear between teeth and cosmetic veneers may be suggested by your London dentist to cover the gaps. Cosmetic veneers have proven successful in making the gaps disappear instantly.

So what are you waiting for, take the first step to get yourself that truly eye catching smile. For an effective smile makeover, whatever your dental issue, please contact Pendragon Health, Holborn London for a free consultation.