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Dental Bridges Solve Gap Toothed Smile Problem

At the Pendragon Health, dental clinic in Holborn, London, providing superior quality dental care is a passion. The dedicated, patient focused team is well qualified to provide a wide range of dental solutions to get rid of your gap toothed smile. But that's not all by a long short; Pendragon Health in London is also committed to Preventative dentistry and provides patients with affordable solutions for all their dental needs.

There are typically makes use of two primary methods to solve the problem of missing teeth. Dentures are one of the popular options the Pendragon dental team in Holborn, London uses to replace the teeth. The second equally important option is dental bridges. A dental bridge is the recommended choice when only a few teeth are missing or the missing teeth are in a concentrated area of the mouth.

The dental bridge is best described as a cosmetic device that successfully fills gaps in teeth. In fact it performs exactly as the name describes it, forming a dental bridge with two crowns on either end of it. Your Pendragon Health, dentist in Holborn, London will fit the crowns onto the teeth on either side of the missing tooth for support and a false tooth will replace the missing tooth. Crowns are like caps that fit over the teeth and a dental bridge restores the smile by keeping the facial structure intact.

When teeth are missing, the face takes on a slightly caved-in look that isn't aesthetically pleasing. To rectify the problem, your dentist at the Pendragon Health, clinic in Holborn, London will use a dental bridge and false or abutment teeth made from porcelain, gold, other base alloys or a combination of these materials. Dental bridges are long lasting and can last anywhere between 5 to 40 years, but dental bridge care is essential.

After an examination of the teeth, Pendragon Health Clinic in London will recommend one of the following dental bridge solutions depending on the diagnosis and condition of the teeth:

Cost of dental bridges

Cosmetic dentistry is not cheap and the cost of dental bridges will depend on the type of bridge, the cost associated with the complexity of the procedure involved, and the overall dental fee cost charged by the London Pendragon Health Clinic. When we consider the cost of materials, cost of skilled craftsmanship and manufacturing cost, it is not surprising to learn that dental bridges can cost a pretty penny.

At Pendragon Health, London we offer a finance*. This payment option is available to give you the optimal choice of smile makeover without having to compromise.

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