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Cosmetic Dentures Help Put A Smile On Your Face

Pendragon Health in Holborn, London is considered a premier dental and medical care centre. The centre has a reputation for reliability, quality treatments and an excellent team to attend to all dental and medical needs. If you have a dental problem that needs taking care of, feel free to walk in today for complete relief from your problem.

Depending on the nature of the dental problem, the dentist at Pendragon Health, dental clinic in Holborn, London may recommend full or partial, flexible or fixed cosmetic dentures. Cosmetic dentures are commonly used by several London dentists to resolve a number of dental problems caused by tooth loss. Accidents, injuries and decay can cause us to lose our teeth and of course age can also have the same effect.

Full or partial, flexible or fixed Cosmetic dentures are basically false teeth that are custom-made to fit the specific individual's mouth, from moulds taken of the teeth. The cosmetic dentures can be full, partial, fixed or flexible. The prices for the dentures will depend on the prices of the materials, lab costs, dental fees and other factors. But rest assured that at Pendragon dental clinic in Holborn, London you get more than your money's worth. Further, prices are based on the type of cosmetic dentures such as fixed dentures that you are fitted with.

Cosmetic dentures (full or partial, flexible or fixed) are all made from acrylic resins and the modern technology available enables the use of various materials for fashioning the dentures. At Pendragon Health in Holborn, London, your dentist will give you a range of cosmetic denture material options and prices to choose from. The most recent material to appear on the cosmetic dentures scene is Valplast belonging to the nylon family it is a great deal more flexible and strong.

The following is a list of the different types of cosmetic dentures available from Pendragon Health, dental clinic in London:

Cost of cosmetic dentures 

The prices of cosmetic dentures will vary depending on what your needs are, the type of dentures selected such as fixed denture, partial dentures, full dentures or flexible dentures, for example. Make sure to check your dental insurance coverage to avoid paying the cost out of your pocket.

At Pendragon Health, London we offer finance*. This payment option is available to give you the optimal choice of smile makeover without having to compromise.

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