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Dental Implants

Those who have one or more missing teeth may feel insecure and self-conscious, but there is a story behind every missing tooth: an accident or bad genes, perhaps, or maybe cavities or periodontitis are the cause of a gap in your teeth.

Whatever the reason for the loss of their teeth, patients want to be able to chew properly with their teeth, to experience reliable stability, to retain their healthy teeth and to feel attractive.

Dental Implants or teeth implants are a safe, cost effective and viable option for many patients living in London.

If you are looking at the opportunity for having cost effective dental implants in London you should plan to have a Free of cost Initial Dental Implant Consultation with an Implantologist. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your price options for dental implants or teeth implants and what to expect. The Implantologist should also discuss the features and benefits of dental implants or teeth implants during the consultation. The cost or price of tooth implants are very individual and vary amongst clinics in central London, so, as part of the free of cost dental implants consultation, quotations should be given by your Implantologist. At Pendragon Health, Holborn, London we offer finance* to our patients for higher end treatments such as Dental Implants or teeth implants. This gives more patients the opportunity to consider teeth Implants at Pendragon Health as a price competitive treatment option.

Dental Implants are made from titanium. The small, titanium tooth implants (screw) become fully integrated into the jaw bone and create a stable foundation for long term support of a single tooth crown, bridge or denture.

Teeth Implants act and feel exactly like your own teeth. Teeth Implants are easy to clean and maintain. Healthy neighbouring teeth are not damaged by the tooth implants to fix bridges and neighbouring tissue and bone support is maintained thus providing facial support.

As they are a permanent solution for missing teeth they are considered to be a cost effective treatment for a genuine smile makeover.

Diagnosis of suitability for Dental Implants

At our dental surgery, Pendragon Health, Holborn, London the dentist or implantologist investigates and assesses which treatment is possible for the respective patient using X-rays. She discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various denture and teeth implant solutions including the various price or cost options. Using the X-ray images and plaster models, the length and diameter of the dental implants are determined by the implantologist. Afterwards, the position of the tooth implant is established.

Sufficient bone must be present in order for the Dental Implant to go ahead. There are patients who have insufficient substance and require bone augmentation for a dental implant. This may happen, for example, if a tooth has been missing for a long time - the jaw may have slowly receded. As a consequence, the bone subsequently needs to be built up to proceed with the dental implant treatment. This may have an impact on the total cost or price of the treatment.

Implantation Of Dental Implants

An artificial tooth root (dental implant) is normally inserted under local anaesthetic. The implantologist creates a suitable "bed" in the jaw bone in which the dental implants or tooth implant is placed. Depending on the individual case, a temporary restoration may be placed on the dental implant or tooth implant, during the healing stage. This allows the patient to already enjoy a natural looking smile early in the process of tooth implants.

Healing the Teeth Implants

Until the Dental Implant is securely attached to the jaw bone, a healing phase of between six weeks and a few months is necessary for teeth implants- depending on the individual medical situation. After approximately one week, the stitches are removed from the area around the tooth implant. Patients should keep in mind that diligent oral hygiene is vital for the healing teeth implants.

The new Teeth Implants

Crown, bridge or denture - the dental laboratory uses an impression to produce the individual dental implant restoration, which will be inserted on the teeth implants after healing.

Aftercare of your Dental Implants

Just like a natural root, the dental implant may come out if it is not regularly looked after. Professional tooth hygiene increases the life span of new teeth implants. Bad oral hygiene and smoking may destroy dental implants.

All of our Dental Implant treatments are carried out in our London clinic, located at Holborn, by our established team of dental surgeons and dental implantologists.

To book your Free no obligation Dental Implant Consultation, to find out our prices, or any other information please contact Pendragon Health, Holborn, London.

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