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A clear alternative to teeth straightening in London.

An attractive smile can make you feel happier and more relaxed - as well as making the right impression. If you're thinking about improving your smile with Clear Braces Pendragon Health, at Holborn, London offers a Free of cost Clear Braces consultation.

The consultation will be at our London based clinic, located in Holborn and will give you information on the features of Clear Braces and the dental benefits it can offer. Many adult patients are opting for Clear Braces above the traditional Orthodontist treatments for dental or teeth misalignment issues. Should it not be possible to correct your teeth alignment with Clear Braces, the dentist will refer you to an Orthodontist in London who will offer further dental advice and options. An Orthodontist is a dental professional who offers a number of teeth straightening treatments including wire braces.

The two system options for teeth correction through Clear Braces available at Pendragon Health, London are Clear Braces and Clearstep.

Both Clear Braces and Clearstep systems straighten teeth with removable Clear Braces that are almost invisible. Each Clear Braces aligner is slightly different, moving your teeth gradually into the desired position. Both Clear Braces systems can be removed so you're able to eat and drink what you like or even clean your teeth daily. There are no wires or brackets attached to your teeth, which are traditionally used by Orthodontists, only the Clear Braces are used. Treatment length with both Clear Braces and Clearstep are dependent on your case i.e. the condition of your teeth, amount of dental correction required etc. However, the average time for completing your Clear Braces dental treatment or teeth realignment is usually 2 to 18 months. Once your Clear Braces or Clearstep treatment is complete you will be issued with final retainers (similar to the Clear Braces aligner) that are to be worn at night to maintain your new smile, and your teeth, in the new position. There may be an option for a fixed dental retainer; this can be discussed at the Clear Braces/Clearstep Clear Braces consultation.

Clear Braces Clear Braces system was developed by an Orthodontist and is a predictable dental treatment as prior to beginning, you will have the opportunity to see a computer generated model of your Clear Braces treatment, its predicted outcome, and effect on the position of your teeth, allowing you to approve the end result prior to the Clear Braces aligners being made. More than 57,0000 dental practitioners are prescribing Clear Braces as a cost effective, Clear Braces treatment for dental straightening or teeth straightening.

Clearstep Clear Braces were also developed by an orthodontist and works in a similar fashion to Clear Braces. Both the Clearstep Clear Braces system and the Clear Braces Clear Braces system have a range of clear removable aligners to straighten your teeth. Clearstep, like Clear Braces, also have a computer generated 3d system to show the predicted result of your treatment, this is also available on a cd rom for you to take away with you if requested. They have a similar cost range as well.

Clear Braces and Clearstep are both cost effective Clear Braces which are removable and comfortable. For a Free of cost Clear Braces or Clearstep Consultation please contact Pendragon Health, Holborn, London to book your appointment with one of our accredited practitioners.

Pendragon Health, Holborn, London, offer a Free of cost Home Tooth Whitening to our Clear Braces and Clearstep patients on completion of your treatment. This will add that special finishing touch to your Clear Braces smile makeover at no extra cost.