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Cosmetic Dentistry Options: Lumineers Or Porcelain Veneers

We welcome you to Pendragon Health, the place to go for visionary dental care that will not cost the earth. When oral health care is involved, we need high standards dental services in an environment that facilitates healing. The dental team and the quality of service offered are equally important. At Pendragon, you get all this and more when you come in for a smile makeover using porcelain veneers.

In an endeavour to explain the differences for better awareness, let us talk about how the dentists at Pendragon dental clinic in Holborn, London can put back a great smile back on your face with veneers. The dentists at Pendragon Health, Holborn will first conduct tests and make a diagnosis of the exact nature of the dental problem. The dentist taking care of you at Pendragon Health will provide advice on the best cosmetic dentistry methods such as porcelain veneers and why it is the best option for your problem.

A veneer is a very thin, wafer-like covering that goes over the surface of any item. In the dental glossary, lumineers and porcelain veneers do exactly that, they slot over the tooth to cover the tooth's surface.

Why is a veneer needed? Teeth don't always remain pearly white and natural; with time various factors can cause teeth to become chipped, broken, discoloured and stained among other things. Dental crowns are a device that the Pendragon Health clinic in Holborn, London generally uses for chipped or broken teeth. However, in some situations porcelain veneers make the better choice because a crown or cap cannot be fitted onto the tooth.

Porcelain veneers are not a new concept; on the contrary porcelain veneers have been in use for a long time. Porcelain veneers in use at the Pendragon, London dental clinic have a very good reputation for durability and long life. When fitting porcelain veneers, be prepared for your London dentist to perform a certain amount of reshaping on the tooth prior to fitting the veneer.

Porcelain veneers are an extremely popular cosmetic dentistry option with patients who visit the Pendragon, London dental clinic. Porcelain veneers are the preferred option because of the inherent properties of strength, long life and ability to closely match the tooth's natural shade.

The smile make over procedure with veneers is a popular one because of the great results it produces. At Pendragon Health in Holborn, the dentists are pleased to provide complete cost information before the patient agrees to have the procedure done.

At Pendragon Health in London, the dentist may advise fixing lumineers, which are a type of veneer, but because of extreme thinness, does not require much by way of preparation. Lumineers are a newer cosmetic dentistry option and cost far more than other methods do.

The overall cost of having porcelain veneers is dependent on the number of teeth, condition of teeth being treated etc. For several porcelain veneers, London dentists generally reduce the total amount. However, it will depend on the dentist and the London laboratory preparing the porcelain veneers.

For a cost competitive veneer makeover contact Pendragon Health Clinic, at Holborn London. The team at Pendragon Health in London will be glad to provide complete cost information for the porcelain veneers (or lumineers) including options that include finance*.

* terms and conditions apply, subject to status