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Why London Dentists Recommend Invisible Braces

Ranked as one of the foremost dental health care clinics in London, Pendragon Health in Holborn brings new meaning to the term dental care. Most people have an inherent horror of dental offices, maybe due to a bad experience or some other reason. A dentist has only to mention the word braces and people shudder as images of clunky metal covered teeth bound tightly with wires dance before their eyes!

Well, at Pendragon Health the good news is that the days of metal torture are gone! Today, your Pendragon dentist in Holborn, London is able to offer Invisible braces to people that need their teeth straightened and the price is great too. Invisible braces consist of aligners or clear trays specially designed to fit the teeth. The braces are scarcely visible and the treatment is a lot less painful when compared with its metal counterpart.

Pendragon's cosmetic dentists in Holborn, London have been recommending Invisible braces to patients in need of teeth re-alignment with very successful results. Why have invisible braces proven to be such a successful treatment for certain dental problems? Invisible braces make use of highly advanced technology to produce a comprehensive dental treatment plan through computer imaging. The Invisible braces treatment plan covers everything from the initial depiction of the teeth to the final desired results. Once the treatment plan is produced by the Pendragon dentist in London, the next step is to prepare the custom built aligners for the teeth, which are made from thermoplastic material.

How do the Invisible braces work?

Every two weeks the aligners or trays need to be changed because the teeth get shifted slowly but steadily into place. Your Pendragon Health, dentist in London will advise that Invisible brace treatments generally last 52 weeks. At Pendragon the dentists believe in employing ethical practices in their business. Full disclosure of treatment details are provided including treatment periods and prices. For example, the dentist at Pendragon in Holborn will recommend approximately six months of Invisible brace treatment for mild to moderate cases. Metal braces, unlike Invisible braces take years to get the job done. The wires need to be tightened every six weeks, which will mean periodic visits to the dentist in Holborn. With Invisible braces, the teeth are constantly moving and changing position, but regular tray changes are all that the invisible brace treatment needs.

The first step to beautiful teeth the Invisible brace way is to visit a dentist at Pendragon Health in London. Not all London dentists can perform Invisible brace treatments, which require special training, but Pendragon Health, dentists are skilled in providing excellent Invisible brace treatment. While the process is relatively pain free, it's not the most fun with a lot of gloop in your mouth. In 10 quick minutes the dentist takes the moulds of your teeth to be sent off to the lab. The dentist will schedule a visit to train you in the use of putting on and taking off the Invisible braces.

Invisible braces are not a cheap dental treatment, but you are pretty much guaranteed good results. The price of Invisible braces differs depending on the person and the severity of the case among other factors. Invisible braces are comparable in price with traditional metal braces.

At Pendragon Health, London we offer finance*. This payment option is available to give you the optimal choice of smile makeover without having to compromise on quality.

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