Teeth Whitening Holborn

"When sparkling, white teeth accompany that smile, the result is simply dazzling!"

Pendragon Health, London offers advanced, reliable and professional Laser Tooth Whitening and Home Teeth Whitening systems to ensure safe and dazzling results. If you are considering Laser Tooth Whitening or Home Teeth Whitening in London you should expect to have a free consultation with a dentist prior to any treatment.

Pendragon Health, London offers a Free Teeth Whitening consultation with one of our experienced dentists. During the appointment the dentist will inform you of your current tooth colour (shade) and then use a shade guide to discuss how light you would like your teeth whitening to be and what shade can be achieved. The dentist will inform you of the procedures available with us and discuss the features and benefits of each procedure to enable you to make an informed decision on the type of whitening treatment that would suit you and your lifestyle.

The most popular Laser Tooth Whitening System in London is Zoom.

Zoom Tooth Whitening is carried out by the dentist in one treatment appointment. Zoom is a light activated Laser Tooth Whitening system which takes approximately one hour to complete, this works well for patients who want their teeth whitening to be instant. Zoom Tooth Whitening is an instant treatment and has the added bonus of optimising even further in the days following the procedure.

Teeth Whitening at home:

Pendragon Health, London offer two types of take home teeth whitening g procedures. On or after the free consultation appointment, the dentist will firstly take impressions of your teeth with a type of putty and have bespoke teeth whitening trays made for you. The teeth whitening trays are made to measure so they will fit you comfortably and securely to get optimal results from the procedure. The whitening trays are sent to a dental laboratory and normally take approximately one week to be made. Once you have tried in the trays you are issued with the teeth whitening gel. The two teeth whitening gel options are a "day white" gel which is used for thirty minutes per day for seven to ten days, alternatively we have an overnight teeth whitening gel "night white" which is used for seven to ten nights. Patients are free to choose which teeth whitening gel would most suit their m and their lifestyle.

Teeth Whitening can last for some time depending on dental hygiene maintenance and your lifestyle, however should you wish to refresh your home teeth whitening you can easily do so by purchasing the whitening gel from the surgery and using the existing teeth whitening trays. Should you wish to refresh your Zoom Teeth Whitening, the procedure would need to be repeated.

For further information or to book a Free Teeth Whitening Consultation, please contact Pendragon Health, London.