Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Clinic In Holborn



Cosmetic dentistry is a sub-field of dentistry that involves enhancing, re-shaping, modifying or otherwise improving the appearance of a person's teeth. The two specializations within cosmetic dentistry are prosthodontics, which involves creating replacements for lost or missing teeth, and orthodontics, which involves the re-positioning of the jaw in order to straighten teeth and enhance facial appearances. Both types of cosmetic dentistry are offered in London.


Cosmetic dentists in London have long worked to help people who are concerned with the appearance and/or comfort of their teeth. Patients arrive in the office of a cosmetic dentist wanting to improve their social confidence and self-esteem. They also visit cosmetic dentists because they are suffering from irritating conditions such as broken or missing teeth.


Cosmetic dentistry can be as simple as tooth whitening, to improve teeth yellowed by age, nicotine, coffee and life circumstances. This chemical bleaching process is one of the most common requested practices in London and many other modern cities. Another common process is tooth re-shaping, which removes chips or files down unwanted edges, shortening teeth and/or beautifying them.


Cosmetic dentists in London are also employed to manufacture dental bridges, which replace lost teeth and restructure existing damaged teeth. Bridges are a more common option than tooth implants. London is full of people wearing dental bridges, even though it's very difficult to tell.


Some people are uncomfortable with having a discoloured or misshapen tooth, especially if they have gone through a whitening process and one tooth retains the staining. A veneer can be a safe way for a cosmetic dentist to fix the problem.


There are many more ways that a cosmetic dentist can help someone who is in distress about their smile. Gum lift, bite reclamation, implants and other methods are used to enhance a person's quality of life and their ability to enjoy food. Smiling and eating are two of the most basic human functions; both are important to a person's sense of well-being.


London is a wonderful place to visit a cosmetic dentist and get some sightseeing done at the same time. Think about how great it would be to improve your smile, increase your confidence and go out on the town! There are even special cosmetic dentists who make it their utmost priority to give comfort to patients who are nervous about facing their dental health issues. It can be very stressful to deal with the insecurity that comes with having crooked, yellowed or missing teeth. Visiting a cosmetic dentist can alleviate those concerns and boost a patient's confidence permanently.


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