Orthodontics London

Orthodontics is the new branch of dentistry that is transforming the lives of many people today who were previously faced with dental challenges. The term orthodontist is derived from two Greek words, 'orthos' meaning proper, perfect or straight and 'dontos' which means tooth. As can be gathered from the above explanation of the two terms, orthodontics is a branch of modern dentistry that studies and treats the problem of improper bites (malocclusions) that may have been caused by some disproportionate jaw relationships or tooth irregularity. In some cases it is caused by both. Sometimes, the treatment is performed purely for cosmetic purposes and is aimed at improving the appearance of the patients.

There are several modern methods of treatment that are normally employed by orthodontists in the city of London. One of the most commonly used treatments that is gradually gaining popularity among the residents of the city is clearstep. This is a special procedure that is designed specifically to help the patients achieve that perfect smile without fear of showing off disorganized or disproportionate teeth. The clearstep method involves the use of some invincible appliances and clear positioners that are not easy to spot. The advantage of choosing clearstep as your preferred mode of treatment is that your regular daily life is not really disrupted while you are undergoing the treatment since the devices and appliances that are used in the therapy are not immediately obvious to the casual observer and actually require a keen eye to detect.

Another form of treatment that one can find at any orthodontist clinic in London is invisalign. This is also a relatively new form of treatment and as such, not many people are fully aware of the exact procedures that are involved in the treatment. Clear Braces is similar in many ways to the clearstep therapy. It also makes use of clear plastic aligners. The clear aligners are not easy to spot and hence the therapy is termed invisible alignment, or in short, invisalign. As is the case with many of the other new forms of dentistry that are currently available in the market, there is not enough knowledge available concerning the work that an orthodontist can do. Most people tend to have distorted opinions concerning the abilities of an orthodontist and therefore it is important to mention at this point that within the city of London and in the wider United Kingdom, individuals wishing to become orthodontists have to undergo additional mandatory postgraduate training for a minimum period of 3 years.

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