Flexible Dentures: A Comfortable Alternative to Hard Dentures

The use of dentures for replacing missing teeth has come a long way since they were first used centuries ago. Today, dentures can be comfortable, long lasting, and they can look more like natural teeth than ever before. Flexible dentures are one of the newest methods for replacing missing teeth and most patients agree that they are considerably more comfortable than conventional dentures. Conventional dentures are not only less comfortable than flexible dentures; they can also limit the number of activities that you enjoy. For example, if you wear conventional dentures, you may avoid eating certain types of foods. Flexible dentures offer a more versatile solution that allow superior stability, greater comfort, and many other benefits.

So, what are flexible dentures? Also known as soft dentures, flexible dentures have a soft inner lining. This prevents the discomfort felt when the hard acrylic of conventional dentures rubs against the soft gum tissues of your mouth. An added benefit of the soft inner lining is that it is non-porous, which means that bacteria will not be able to build up on the lining. This will ensure that your breath stays fresh for longer, something that cannot be said for conventional dentures which are far more susceptible to bacterial growth.

Many patients worry about the durability of flexible dentures. Since these devices are made of flexible materials, they are essentially unbreakable. Conventional dentures do not offer this flexibility and are at higher risk for breaking when accidentally dropped into the bathroom sink.

Conventional hard dentures do not attach as securely as flexible dentures. Soft dentures hook into the gum ridge, which offers two benefits. For one, this placement of the dentures reduces friction between the base of the dentures and your gums. Secondly, since no adhesive is required to hook flexible dentures into the mouth, the dentures stay into place even when chewing foods with a tougher texture. The dentures are able to adjust with the movements of your mouth so that chewing becomes much easier and you are at reduced risk for developing sores or blisters. In general, the way that flexible dentures are secured to the gums allows a tighter, yet more comfortable fit.

The process of fitting patients for flexible dentures is also less time-consuming than fitting patients for conventional dentures. This means that you will get your dentures much faster by choosing flexible dentures over conventional options. You will then be able to enjoy greater comfort and usability with your customized soft dentures.

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