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25 Oct 2011

Root Canal Treatment

Posted by Pendragon Health

Root Canal Treatment – The three words that most dental patients don’t want to hear? With advances in modern dentistry, root canal treatment can now be a pain free experience.

Root canal treatment is needed when the pulp in the root of your tooth becomes infected or inflamed. Infection or inflammation in the root can be caused by bacteria accessing the area. The usual way bacteria can access the root is if there are cracks or decay in the tooth and even by trauma to the tooth.

The most common symptom for a tooth needing root canal treatment is pain, tenderness and or sensitivity to hot and cold. There are occasions when the tooth presents no symptoms and the damage is discovered via an x-ray taken at a dental clinic.

The objective of root canal treatment is to save the tooth by removing the bacteria and the damaged pulp. The dentist will then clean the empty canal and fill it with a permanent seal on the tooth.

There are many dental clinics in London who have experienced dentists who are able to carry out root canal treatments successfully; however, there are occasions when the tooth may require specialist treatment. In this case the dentist would refer you to an Endodontist. There are also many endodontist based in London. An endodontist is a dental surgeon who has studied and is registered to specialise in root canal treatments. The endodontist will often use a dental microscope to enhance their view when treating the affected tooth, this helps to gain access with precision resulting in a higher chance of success. Should your root canal treatment need to be completed by an endodontist, your dentist will inform you and refer you directly to them.

The root canal treatment can require two visits to the dental clinic, both visits for treatment will be carried out under local anaesthetic. The first appointment can take up to two hours to complete the first stage of treatment. The dentist will determine how long the appointment should be by taking into consideration the extent of the infection and whether the tooth root is easy to access.

If a tooth requires root canal treatment it is very important to have the treatment completed at a dental clinic as soon as is possible. Should a tooth that requires root canal treatment go untreated a collection of puss can form in the affected area, this is called an abscess. An abscess can present itself with symptoms of swelling and can lead to further complications with the tooth. This could ultimately result with the tooth concerned being removed.

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